Sunday, October 21, 2012

Elections.. pfft.

I'm alive. I don't think anyone keeps track of me on my blog, but yes, after a few months haitus... I'm alive. I wanted to write for a while, but I kind of got sick of what I always had to write about.   But I guess the news is that I am happy.  I am. It's been a while since I've been able to say that I'm happy beyond some specific event.  Now, I feel like joy just abides in me.  I have some ideas/plans for change... nothing I'm going to go into detail about right now, mostly because it would be a long post and I'm too tired to spend the time trying to flesh it out in my mind.  But change is coming soon, change beyond what has already changed.

As for the election. I have no idea who to vote for.  Should I vote?  I think a part of me doesn't think it matters.  I know that God is the one who allows leaders to rise and fall, and no one would have power if it were not givent to them from above. Ive been told that that is a misinterpretation of the verses that seem to imply this, but I don't know. Is God's faithfulness strengthened or undermined by my vote or lack thereof?