Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flesh eating bacteria?

RasIm getting excited to read my devotions each morning because it seems like everyday God gives me something to think about or confirms something I was already thinking about I find that exciting. I think about the devotions and I feel the desire to go deeper. But that's pretty much it. I have not been acting on it. I don't know why. I could blame it on a busy life I guess... I could just try harder... I could ... Do any number of things... But maybe I should pray through it. I will ask God to give me desire that compels me to action.

On the other hand, my boss has been a lot nicer to me, but she is still so unorganized. I should really start praying for her consistently. I did like twice, and i tried to not to ask God to make her a better person, I asked God to help her through stressful times, and to show me ways I can be helpful to her.

And... I may have MRSA. You know, the super bacteria that is now resistant to most antibiotics and has been the cause of several deaths in the U.S. ... Yeah.. That. It could be cellulitis, or any number of things, but I have this huge knot, like an abcess on my upper left side of my abdomen with a small hole in it. It started on monday as a really small pimple like bump, only it was clearly not a pimple, it was a small bump with pus, no bigger than the pointed part of a carpenters nail. I saw it, rubbed my hand over it and it popped, but it didnt ooze pus, it bled slighty. I tried to squeeze it a little... Just blood. So I thought nothing of it. The next day, suddenly it was turning red and a bump the side of a quarter had started under the skin. By the end of the night the bump was the size of a silver dollar. I showed it to my mom, and she said it could be an ingrown hair. So I was like okay and decided to just keep an eye on it. This morning it was even bigger and since noon it has nearly doubled in size. It is painful to do anything that puts pressure on it or moves it, so bending over, walking, sitting... All painful. I showed the lump to one of my coworkers and she said " oh f*** that looks like MRSA." I almost started crying right there because one of our clients does have MRSA in his urine and we have to handle his urine because he has a catheter. I always wear gloves and wash my hands, but is that enough?

So, im opting to get it checked out, especially since it is highly contagious if it is MRSA. But on the plus side, if it is MRSA, my employer should take care of the bill. On the down side, once you get it, you are a carrier for life, just like with the herpes virus.

I spent my first night in the new apartment last night. I slept so well! And I woke up so happy. I hope this works out.
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Monday, June 20, 2011


It's funny, you know... I've thought that maybe God was trying to teach me patience (among other things) with everything I've been in the waiting period for lately, and I laugh as I think about it because right now at this very moment, I am feeling quite impatient.  It's also funny because I can be and generally am a very patient person. But I'm feeling quite impatient right now.

I'm feeling impatient because I have stuff sitting outside my house that I need to bring to the apartment I'm moving into and I want to do it tonight. But in all fairness, the weather channel is calling for a chance of rain tonight, and I don't want the mattress to get wet.

I had found a bedroom set for $100 on that had a bed frame, 2 dressers and a night stand.  I emailed the people and they had already sold it.  So I was like okay and I figured maybe I should wait on the dressers bed frame and such and just sleep on a mattress on the floor until I could buy one from walmart. But then I thought, I will go see if anyone posted anything new on craigslist, and I found a listing for a dresser, bedframe, and a small 2 shelf bookshelf (about the size of a night stand) and I sent the people an email.  I got a call later that day and found out it was the same people who were selling the other bedroom furniture! 

The woman said they were selling her mom's stuff. (I don't know if her mom died or if something else happened.) But this set was only $60 and the woman gave me a mattress and a box spring for the bedframe, and she gave my dad(he was picking it up since I had to work today) 5 plants for me (on the phone we had talked about how we love to take care of plants).  It was pretty exciting because it was a surprise to me.

Anyway, all that aside, This morning I went to work, because we had a vacation with the clients and we had to leave early and I said I would go. I was working for an hour by myself so during that time (after I finished brushing teeth and other needs) I sat down at the kitchen table to read my devotion and one of the higher functioning clients came over and asked me to read them to him. So I did. I read the Scripture, then I read the thoughts that went with it. :-)  I don't know how much of it he understood, but I found it really exciting that he wanted to be involved. 

More another day. I'm tired.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moving Day...

Im moving out of my parents house and in with my cousin Rebecca. She lives in Chesterton. I don't mind chesterton so much. It wil be no worse than driving to South haven for kidstop, only the area where she lives is closer. I mey with Rebecca tonight and told her I made my decision and I'm feeling good about moving in. I feel like I got some clarity on things when I went to Alabama. Not because I was specifically seeking those things at that moment, but I think the stress of life really puts me in as place where i don't listen to Gods leading... For whatever reason.

You know... I've had a daily time with God since I've been back. (woohooo, a whole 6 days!) I hope it lasts. I hope that I hunger for daily time with God, and that my few minutes everyday increase in length and quality. I hope I thirst for Good in such a way that spending time with him is like falling in love... So natural.

Anyway. I don't know when the actual moving day is yet... I moved some stuff today (like at midnight, lol) and I pulled a fairly decent box springs and mattress from someones garbage pile. They were put out today and they got wet from the rain today, so I have to figure out howe to dry them with out letting them mildew. Hmmmm....i also found a bed frame, 2 dressers, and a night stand (a set) in good condition, for a total of $100. I hope the people respond to me soon because I feel that its a great deal and it gives me just what I need. Everything else I think I can wait on, but I will probably search good will for some sheets for a double bed.

For now that is the plan. Im hoping to move in completely by Tuesday, that woll include getting my stuff my parents put in the storage...

It seems like forever until the day when I will actualt start sleeping there.
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alabama... Indiana, what's the difference?

I had such a wonderful, incredible, spiritually rich, restful, refreshing, enjoyable time in Alabama with my friend Stephanie and her husband Chris.  I started my journey to Alabama just before 6 am (to beat rush hour) and got there just before 9pm (because I hit rush hour in Birmingham, lol).  When I arrived I was greeted with a great big hug from Stephanie and Chris.  They served me tea, and we talked for an hour or so, and then showed me where I would be sleeping, which happened to be a guest room all to myself!  Stephanie had left a gift for me on the pillow of the bed, a framed picture of her and I from her wedding, and a beatiful red box with one of the bible times oil lamps from the wedding (as a sort of gift with meaning since I was the one who lit the candles, lanterns, and oil lamps that represented different aspects of being the bride of Christ.)   

I went to bed that night feeling like I could start relaxing. And I did. And I slept really well. The next morning I awoke, dressed, brushed my teeth, pulled out my Bible and read. Shortly afterward, I left the guestroom and was greeted by Stephanie with a hug.  I helped Stephanie make breakfast for the two of us while she shared her morning devotions with me. (turns out, that day was pentecost((when they recieved the spirit))and the jewish calendar celebrates the first fruit harvests, and they had a tradition of tieing a red ribbon or string around the first of their fruits to bloom and dedicated them to the Lord), so after we ate, Stephanie showed me her garden and we tied red string around the first and best fruits. After this, we packed a picnic lunch and I went with Stephanie to run some quick errands for her mom, after the errands, we ate our picnic at a park, walked in a dry riverbed, took some pictures, got smoothies, then went to Bible Study (which served dinner in a small, poor community of dedicated Christ-followers).

After Bible Study Chris, Stephanie, and I went back to their house, looked at photo albums from Bethel, talked about the wedding and how people are doing, and ended up going to bed close to midnight. I went to bed and again, had a good nights rest (but a few strange dreams, lol). Thursday I slept a little late and Stephanie came into the room about 9:30 when I was getting dressed and gave me a huge hug. Then we ate breakfast and painted until Chris came home from his dentist appointment. We ate homemade pizza for lunch, and painted a little more, then went to see Pirates of the Carribean 4, had smoothies and then came back to their place, did some more painting, and they had a guest come over and we had dinner, relaxed, painted, shared about life with one another, and went to bed expressing that I did not want to leave and Stephanie did not want me to go and actually tried to convince me to stay another day.

Friday morning we got up, had breakfast, and went to a statepark, walked around, took pictures, and I left around 10am.   I got back home just before midnight.

It was such a good week!

So now I'm back home, and guess what. It's been less than a whole day and I'm already incredibly stressed out.

I had to work at 7am to 1pm so I could go to Josh and Kim's wedding, but I got off of work late and ended up being late to the wedding, and missed half of it. 
But to add to this, I left my manager a sheet of paper detailing my availability for the summer, and  it turns out that she must not have followed it because she scheduled me to work 2pm to 10pm on Thursday and Friday, when I am supposed to be working for the boys and girls club until 5pm on Thursday and Friday. Furthermore, she is probably going to be very upset when I tell her that I can't work until after 5pm because she is the only other person scheduled for 2pm-4pm on Thursday, and only one other person is scheduled on friday from 2pm-4pm.  I am anticipating a lecture or a guilt trip, neither of which I am prepared to deal with, despite the fact that I gave her my summer availability and she ignored it (apparently).  *Sigh*

Stephanie made mention of me moving to Alabama as a possibility for my future. I would seriously consider it.

I'm also seriously re-considering my position with Opportunity Enterprise.