Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How weird, my last entry posted for Saturday instead of Sunday when I actually wrote it. Anyway. I had to update today because God's grace to me this week has been absolutely incredible.
When I got back from Fall Break I was really overwhelmed with some of the things I realized that I had to do thi week. I had three things I had to do for today, including a test which I never did study for (but I only missed 9 question out of, I think 33, so it's still a passing grade which I think is pretty swell for not studying at all). But I also had to finish writing my youth sermon, plus work 6 hours minimum this week,plus a project for L&AinYM (due Friday), plus do a group project for the Saturday Seminar (due Friday) and write a paper for the Saturday Seminar (due Friday also) and meet with my partner for our interpersonal comm research project (some part of it is due Friday), and I was so overwhelmed knowing that I do not have the time or patience or sanity to get all of this done, let alone do it well, so I was pretty stressed. And it didn't really help that I tried to register for my classes and found out that I have a hold on my account because I still owe money to Bethel because a parent loan my parents weren't even technically supposed to have to get because my EFC number on my FAFSA was zero hadn't gone through yet. Poo! Not only had the loan not gone through, but the school wouldn't even give my parents the ammount they requested so once it does go through I will still owe over $300 out of pocket. STUPID!!! Anyway, I suppose it's been needless to say that I've been pretty darn stressed. So this morning I got up at 6:30am and went to breakfast where I read my Bible and ate a nice hardy meal. Then I went to the Shiloh Prayer Chapel and talked silently to God and sat in what I believe was His presense. I felt much better going into the day and I went back to my room, tried to work on homework that was due today (wednesday, but I suppose it's after midnight, huh?) but I didn't accomplish much because I was exhausted, so I tried to get a littlemore sleep in and couldn't fall asleep. I think it was because I knew my alarm clock would be going off soon. So I got up and went to take Chapel attendance (sometime I wish I didn't have that job, but it's an easy way to make money without causing too much interuption to my schedule).
The Gospel Choir, Undignified Praise, sang in chapel today. During the second song I could imagine Jesus dancing in the aisles and enjoying the praise. It made me smile. Neither Christine nor Naomi showed up to chapel. Shame Shame. It was a task force chapel. I wonder if I'll ever go on a task force trip. After chapel, Dr. Pennix approached me, said hi and asked if he would be seeing me in voice lessons next semester. I said probably because so far I only have 14 credit hours that I'm planning to do. After Chapel I skipped lunch and came back to my room to try to do more with my homework and print it up. I checked my email and Dr. Brandt had emailed our L&AinYM class saying that the project due Friday is now due on Monday instead. So I went to classes feeling quite literally much lighter, as though a huge heavy burden was lifted off of me. So I get to my last class and finally it's over and I run back to my room because I heard something about the seminar stuff that's due and I checked my email. It turns out that both seminar projects are now not due until Wednesday. It was a PRAISE JESUS moment!!! Again, a burden was just lifted off of me, and suddenly everything else that sucks just isn't so bad anymore.
Well, I need to go to bed, so I'll update another time.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wow, I haven't updated in a really long time! Well, today is as good a day as any to let you all know what is going on in my life.

Well, life has been going pretty quickly and I've been finding myself struggling to keep pace. Sometimes I just don't know where the time goes and I don't even have a television this year! But somehow I am accomplishing everything I need to accomplish. I have been trying to make sure I am getting 8 hours of sleep every night and getting all of my homework done in a timely manner. Well, I'm also involved in SLE, so that takes some time; but it's definitely a good way to take time. I love the fellowship I have with everyone in SLE, especially since I've been talking with them more.
I've been having a great Fall Break this week. Christine and I were going to camp in her back yard, but the storm prevented us from doing so. Instead we stayed inside and watched scary movies. Sleepy Hollow, Darkness Falls, The Lost Boys and an old Odd story called the Mummy (that was not what we thought it was). Christine had drank a bunch of coffee so she could stay awake. Well, it worked, I was the first one to fall asleep, and she stayed up for a little while because the coffee kept her awake. Then Friday night we went to a grave yard with her brother Eric, because he wanted to take pictures and find orbs. We did find some, but you'll have to ask me about that.
So yesterday I came home at about noon and spent some time with my dad, then my mom got off of work at 8pm. It was a relaxing day, but I didn't get any homework done like I had thought about doing.
And today started off pretty well. I woke up at 8am, before my alarm, and reset it for about 10 and went back to sleep. It was nice to get a couple extra hours of sleep. Then I got up and my mom and I went to church at Life Bridge. Dad had to stay home because our dog Bear is dying and he doesn't want her to get hurt because she is basically top dog in our home and right now her status is being threatened. Anyway, I think my mom really enjoyed church. She said she felt at home and wants to visit again. I'm really happy about that. Even if my parents don't make Life Bridge their church home, I'm thrilled that mom came this week because that is a great victory in the kingdom. Praise God!
I really missed going to LifeBridge and to be there today made my heart swell with Joy, especially since I was welcomed back and I knew people missed me. When I went to WEFC I wasn't welcomed back, I was lucky if people noticed I was there. I'm going to go to Amped tonight.
Well, I have some things to do, so this is all for an update today.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well, today seems like a good day for an update. This week has been interesting. Some things have happened that I'll write about in my personal journal instead of in this blog. I am really really really really really (how long should I go on?) really really really really really tired. Last night, and the night before, I have had trouble sleeping. I've been in this state where I feel that I'm almost there, like I might fall asleep at any moment... but the moment never comes. I tried to take a nap twice today, but the same thing happened. I couldn't fall asleep. So right now I'm having a little bit of trouble focusing my eyes, so I had to pull out my glasses. Oh yes.... My glasses, lovely. Normally they make the world look kind of surreal, but they're actually helping right now.
Outside of all that, the weather is kind of chilly right now (but that's okay, I love slightly chilly weather!). I'm tempted to put on some compfy pajama pants and a long sleeve shirt and a blankie and go sit outside and do my reading. Yes, in the dark and cold. Or I just might just curl up with a blanket inside. Who knows.
I still have to get in six hours of work this week. I want to try to get 10 because I'll get more money to do stuff besides pay my expenses. For example, hang out with my friends at Steak-n-shake, go to the movies, go camping, etc.
Let's have a serious moment and talk about something I've been thinking about lately. Sometimes I feel like life just goes by too fast. We live in a fast paced world. We have to get this done, and that done, and go here and there, and accompolish so many things. We just do and do and do and do without hardly ever stopping to breathe or take a moment to realize that the sun is shining and that God is so good. My life is characterized by School, homework, work, time with friends, activities, and so much junk. I just want simplicity. I want to feel free to take an hour and just sit somewhere and crochet. Except for a few things (like checking my email 6 times a day) the things I do are not bad in and of themselves, it's just there's a lot. I pray that God teaches me what I can cut out of my life and do just what's important.

That is my desire.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tonight as the wind blew and the sky was growing dark, you could feel a change in the atmosphere and suddenly it was as though God had manifested his presense on Bethel's campus. It was like in the movie, the ten commandments when the angel of death moves over Egypt as the 1oth plague, except, it was God. His presense falling and resting on the campus, penetrating the air, weaving into the very fabric of our lives... God is here. He's doing something right now. Sonia and I were sitting outside talking about it and we feel like something is happening, something is about to happen- A dry and barren land will receive rain again, and something is happening tonight. Im not claiming that when we wake up in the morning and go to chapel that there is going to be a super revival or anything.... ooh....that would be cool. but anyway, I'm not claiming that. I'm just claiming that somethingn is happening, and I am here in the midst of it not knowing what's going to happen, but praying that God sends the rain. I couldn't help but think of this song:
Rain Down by Delarious
Looks like tonight, the sky is heavy
feels like the winds, are gonna change
Beneath my feet, the Earth is ready
I know it's time, for heavens rain.
It's gonna rain,
yeah yeah
Cause living water we desire,
to flood our hearts with holy fire
Rain down, all around the world we're singing
Rain down, can you hear the Earth is singing
Rain down, my heart is dry but still i'm singing
Rain down, rain it down on me.
Back to the start, my heart is heavy
Feels like it's time, to dream again
I see the clouds, and yes i'm ready
To dance upon, this barren land
Hope in my hands, yeah yeah
Cause living water we desire,
to flood our hearts with holy fire
Rain down, all around the world we're singing
Rain down, can you hear the Earth is singing
Rain down, my heart is dry but still i'm singing
Rain down, rain it down
Do not shut, do not shut,
do not shut, the heavens
But open up, open up, open up, our hearts
Rain down, all around the world we're singing
Rain down
(Rain down)
Give me strength to cross this water,
keep my heart upon your altar, rain down
(Rain down)
Give me strength to cross this water
keep my feet, don't let me falter,
rain down(Hey,'ey,'ey)
Do not shut the heavens
But open up our hearts, open up our hearts,
Do not shut the heavens
But open up our hearts,
open up my heart