Monday, June 29, 2009

Pictures as promised

Amy and Adam dancing.

Father daughter dance

Mother Son dance

The pictures are of the dancing because this is the best photo I could get during the ceremony:

I checked my account balance online and it said that i still have over five hundred text messages and my account is renewed on Wednesday and my texts don't roll over. So i figured instead of staying online in the living room i would in ahead and come back to my room and write in my blog using my phone. that way other people get an opportunity to use the computer before they go to bed tonight.

Anyway, Amy got married today. I'll try to post a few pictures tomorrow. Amy is such a beautiful person.I saw so many people that i haven't seen in what seems like forever.

so anyway, i'm watching Fat Albert the movie right now and every time i watch it the Fat Albert character who always wears the pink, Rudy makes i think, my heart flutter every time. It's not that i'm attracted to him but he exudes this old fashion gentleman like quality that seems so rare these days. It's that gentleman quality that makes women feel important and protected. Actually, i think it's more than that, there's a whole different values system where the things that truly matter are the things people care about.And the things that truly matter hold value in ways that they don't now. Thats one of the reasons so many young women fell for Edward Cullen. He was an old fashion gentleman... In the books anyway.

Well thats all for tonight. Bye

Sunday, June 21, 2009

This week I hung out with my Grandma May, Aunt Candace, and cousins' Rachel and Cheyenne. I spent the night with them, went to the beach, a birthday party, beach again, and Baily Homestead.

We had a homeward bound moment when our Chow, Rusty, got out of the yard and was gone for a few hours. He came home to us about 12 hours later.

I spend about half of my day outside doing something, picking berries, watering/weeding my flower garden, walking around mindlessly... and the other half inside on the computer improving my typing skills at, teaching myself spanish at, listening to a Bible podcast on iTunes, and playing around at or on facebook. Not real productive.

I should spend time in purposeful prayer and study of the Bible, practice my guitar, clean the house, excercise, play with the animals, write letters of encouragement to friends, do something to bless the neighbors...

I should be more proactive and less reactive. Instead of sitting around and waiting for someone to respond to my applications I should be making calls and looking for more places to put applications in.

Lot's of shoulds. Overwhelming.

Such is life.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I finished reading the Twilight series and I started reading the Inheritance Cycle's first book Eragon, by Christopher Paolini. I haven't finished reading the book yet, but I'm nearly at the end. I started reading it because I saw the movie Eragon and I loved the idea that Dragons were something to protect rather than slay. As I've been reading, I've been feeling like I had no idea what the story was about or anything that happens even though I saw the movie. I know that movies will leave things out and blend events together, but I started watching the movie online and I got two thirds of the way through it when I realized that the reason I felt like I had no prior knowledge of the book was because in the movie things aren't just left out or blended together, the events of the book have been changed and the changes that were made challenge the explanations given in the book. (Wow, that was quite a run on sentence...) Needless to say I stopped watching the movie because it no longer held any appeal after I started reading the book.

I don't watch the news on television often, but I go online and read things from and the links on the comcast homepage and it seems like everyday I read about a death or a murder or some bad event that happened. It bothers me. What can I do?

Aside from that, I've got a few things that I'm excited about right now:
1. My cousin Brandy moved back to Indiana.
2. My Grandma May, Aunt Candace, and cousin Rachel are coming to Indiana tomorrow because of the family reunion this weekend. And they'll be here until Amy's wedding, I think.
3. My cousin Amy is getting married on June 28 (yes, that's a Sunday).
4. Project Valpo is coming up. :-)
5. I bought a car. It was $550 and half the things we thought were wrong with it aren't actually wrong with it and don't need to be fixed.

My old roommate Amanda is getting married on June 27th. I thought we were still good friends, but I don't know if I was mistaken because I didn't get an invitation to her wedding. Do I have a right to have hurt feelings? Even if I don't, it did hurt my feelings that I didn't get invited. I'm going to try not to dwell on it though. It wouldn't do me any good.

Also, if you read this and get a chance, pray for my dad. He's in a lot of pain. If you're my friend and want to know a few more details, email me.